Steps of design and manufacturing of 3D, 2D PVC, rubber fabric, caoutchouc, and plastic patches.

MANUFACTURING ecussons pvc 3d gomme

Patches-Police.com is specialized in the design, creation and manufacture of personalized patches (3D PVC, rubber fabric). We carry out each step of your project with passion to offer you top quality patches.

Unlike embroidered patch, the PVC one allows you to play with 2D and 3D reliefs and the different levels of elements with accuracy and precision.

Steps of manufacture of 3D PVC :
- Design of the digital artwork with the choice of colors and the selection of 2D and 3D zones.
- Manufacture of a metal mold for patch
- Injection of the colored silicone fabric
- Sample manufacturing
- Mass production of your patches
- Choice of your backing : (velcro, glue, adhesive...)
- Quality control and delivery.

Our graphic design department is at your disposal (free of charge) to make or improve your mockup, because the rule is simple: beautiful mockups make beautiful patches.