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Creation and manufacture of custom patches, medals, plates, insignia ...

Embroidered, 3D PVC, woven, cordura but also medals, insignia, coins and plates maker and creator since 14 years!

Do you want to stand out ? A patch is much more than a piece of fabric, it represents your values and your image. It participates in the cohesion of a unit.

We offer you to create your custom patches according to your desires and your ideas. If you don't have one, it is not a problem : Let us take care of it.

Security, Police, Rescue, Army forces and much more

We have already worked with: national and municipal police, gendarmerie, customs, prison authorities, fire department, army, military unit, rescue services, railway safety, sports and fighting clubs, paintball, airsoft, general companies, administrations, private security, collectivities, and many more.

No matter if you are an individual or a professional, we can handle it !

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We accept administrative payments!